Map and Times

Closed for the Season
(except for scheduled field trips)
The beautiful weather has brought out so many talented apple pickers this year, all the lowest, most beautiful, easily reached apples are gone, and there are barely enough apples left for the last scheduled groups.
But ponies, and tree library, are still accepting visitors :-)

Meanwhile, entries for Garden of Eden Awards are still accepted to the end of September. Send photos/names/addresses to with subject: Gardens of Eden . We hope everyone will enjoy a virtual stroll through Mt. Cuba Gardens and imagine a world where everyone had these beautiful gardens. They would ameliorate Global Warming ... and make the world more like the original Garden of Eden.

The ancient horses and youthful ponies have enjoyed seeing everyone, especially those bringing large crispy carrots and softer bananas for elderly Doris and extremely old Minnie Pearl. They hope some of you will visit them in the cooler months ... and continue making them feel happy and loved.

Dancer, from the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center (now we have two one eyed ponies), is already becoming braver and at home. She and her friends look forward to gentle people bringing carrots, making ponies feel loved. For this we and the ponies are always grateful.

Maybe bring LARGE carrots (not to be confused with little fingers) to make the rescued ponies feel loved and happy, and perhaps may even remember which end is for fingers and which end is pony muzzles.

(If anyone would like their own energy efficient lawn mower / yard ornament, this is where to look: Kentucky Equine Adoption Center .)

First time visitors must be sure to bring the map, and look at the virtual tour of Apple Hill Road to be in good spirits when you arrive. (Even many a GPS cannot find us.)

Due to so much new construction nearby this season, from Louisville, Kentucky it is best to take Gene Snyder (I-265) to LaGrange Rd (KY 146 at exit 30) and turn away from the city. Click this link to Google Maps or follow the detour map. From the Snyder, in about a mile turn right on Reamers Rd. Follow the detour signs to stay on Reamers to Old Henry Rd. Make a left turn and then just a few feet up turn right onto Apple Hill Rd at the old white mailbox. Follow tiny Apple Hill Road (click for a tour) for 0.7 mile. Where Apple Hill forks, take the middle fork. Continue along the black rail fences. When you think you are lost, you are almost there. When you see the green umbrella, you have arrived.

If you feel lost, call 502-767-5245, leaving neighbors to rest in peace.

Click the map or here for a larger version you can print. The virtual tour of Apple Hill Road to the orchard will help too. When you're almost there, what you see around you will look like this.

Hidden Hollow Orchard    3200 Apple Hill Road    Louisville, Kentucky 40245

For more information call (502) 767-5245 or (502) 897-0719 or email.


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